Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Follow Friday for writers


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Question of the week-
What inspired you to start writing?
 Well,growing up, my dad would to sing to me alot ,and he loved writing songs to sing . He also wrote alot of poetry and made up silly stories as well! I guess I picked up writing from him. I never wrote a book before though. I mean like my dad, I wrote some poetry and songs, but never a book. I guess I felt like that was too huge of a task and I didn't have the confidence to really try. Well that changed one day when I read a H.P. Mallory book. I found out she was self published, never hearing of that before I started doing some research ,and got the itch to write. I told H.P. about my wanting to write and she was ,and still is very encouraging. I also signed up for her writing club on Face Book. If it wasn't for that group, I may have given up already! I mean it hasn't been easy! But the end results are worth it ,and that's what keeps me  Igoing. That and showing myself and the "skepticals" that I can do it...Ok ,so went on a rant there, but you get me , right?


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