Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Writings Of A Dreamer: Article Snippet - Motivation And The Muse: Which C...

 This article was written by the blogging queen herself, Belinda, the Bookish Snob (clap clap clap clap and the sound of roaring applause)... I just wanted to share it with enjoy!

Writings Of A Dreamer: Article Snippet - Motivation And The Muse: Which C...: "I came across a really cool article about motivation and nurturing your Muse that really struck a chord. I get struck a lot with a bad case..."

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Question of the week-
What inspired you to start writing?
 Well,growing up, my dad would to sing to me alot ,and he loved writing songs to sing . He also wrote alot of poetry and made up silly stories as well! I guess I picked up writing from him. I never wrote a book before though. I mean like my dad, I wrote some poetry and songs, but never a book. I guess I felt like that was too huge of a task and I didn't have the confidence to really try. Well that changed one day when I read a H.P. Mallory book. I found out she was self published, never hearing of that before I started doing some research ,and got the itch to write. I told H.P. about my wanting to write and she was ,and still is very encouraging. I also signed up for her writing club on Face Book. If it wasn't for that group, I may have given up already! I mean it hasn't been easy! But the end results are worth it ,and that's what keeps me  Igoing. That and showing myself and the "skepticals" that I can do it...Ok ,so went on a rant there, but you get me , right?

A little info about,and the Prologue to,my book "Broken Wings."

Hello all! I wanted to share a little bit about the book I'm writing... The story is called "Broken Wings." It's about a 23 year old girl named Reagan who ,although may appear to be normal, she most definitely is not. Her life holds so many secrets that she finds it hard to trust or let anyone in. And the handful of friends she does allow in hold the same secret she does. A secret that would bring death to anyone else who knew it... The book starts with a dream that Reagan is having...I hope you like it!

"Run, run!" she kept telling herself ,"don't slow down, run!" She pushed her legs harder, her feet slapped down on the wet pavement , and she felt as if her lungs were going to explode. Her dark hair was dripping wet and clung to her face ,and her green eyes were wide with alert and worry. The streets were quiet, too quiet, it was as if the night knew what was coming. "There has got to be somewhere..." she was trying to think of a hiding place, but was then interrupted by an ear piercing screech not far behind her. Knowing that it meant she was running out of time, she turned into an alley way, and found she had run into a dead end. "Of course!" she said exasperated , she looked around  for another way out, and noticed what looked like a shattered window in a building closer to the wall. She picked up a brick that was lying on the ground, ran to the window , and smashed the rest of it out. As she proceeded to climb through she heard a whooshing sound overhead " No, they mustn't ..No.. not now!" She pulled herself into the building and ran . Knowing she had no time, and what was at stake, she took the bundle she had that was wrapped in cloth and hid it in an old crate. Tears filled her eyes as she ran back to the window and climbed out.

All I heard next was that same ear piercing screech , a scream , more breaking glass and a loud thud. Then I woke up.