Friday, April 22, 2011

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Well, I have no goodies to give to you, but I do have a fun little interview with my all time favorite book hero Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, from the wonderful book Pride & Prejudice . Written by Jane Austen.

Tempe: Hello  Fitzwilliam! You don't mind if I call you that do you?

F.D. : Actually, I do mind Miss Black. You may call me Mr.Darcy.

Tempe: So, Mr. Darcy, would you think of yourself as a prideful person?

F.D. : No

Tempe:O..K.. Not very chatty huh?

F.D. : I have nothing to be "chatty" of.

Tempe: Right! Well, tell us a little bit about yourself!

F.D. : I do not share my life with complete strangers.

Tempe: I'm not really a stranger. I mean I've known you for years.

F.D. : No, you have read about me in a book, but you do not personally know me, therefore we are strangers.

Tempe: Well then , help me and my readers get to know you more by answering just a few small questions.

F.D. : Why, so you can send off stories about me through a little gossip chain?

Tempe: No, we would just love to know more about who you are!

F.D. : The only women that I care to know me ,are my sister Georgiana and my beloved wife Elizabeth. I think you have recieved enough through your readings from Miss Austen.

Tempe: Wow, you are really stubborn!

F.D. : Why, because I refuse to look any more ridiculous than I already do?

Tempe: You do not look ridiculous to anyone..many adore you!

F.D. : Exactly! Women swooning over me as if they were dogs after meat.
I find it quite silly and repulsive, actually.

Tempe: sigh

F.D. : Why do you sigh? Were you expecting me to throw in some charm? Tell you how lovely a shade of brown your eyes are, or how sweet your lips? I am who I am Miss Black, take it or leave it.

Tempe: Ugh.. You can't be a charmer and a jerk all at the same time. It's too sexy and twisted!

F.D. : As I said, I am who I am

Tempe: Yes, positively difficult  to communicate with. I guess I will have to go to Elizabeth for my answers.

F.D. : Absolutely not!

Tempe: Why?

F.D. : Elizabeth takes no interest in these silly type of affairs.
She would be less civil than I have been about your ridiculius questions.
Now, you have wasted enough of my time,  I must take my leave. Good day Miss Black. (walks off)

Tempe: Of all the...breath..

Tempe: Well, that didn't go as planned!

I hope you enjoyed my mock interview with Mr.Darcy, whom I still do adore even if he can be a jerk.  It just goes to show you..Fiction or non..No man is perfect.
If you haven't read Jane Austen's ,"Pride & Prejudice" yet, you really should. Believe me Darcy is still a hard headed jerk sometimes, but you'll learn to love him.