Friday, April 22, 2011

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Well, I have no goodies to give to you, but I do have a fun little interview with my all time favorite book hero Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, from the wonderful book Pride & Prejudice . Written by Jane Austen.

Tempe: Hello  Fitzwilliam! You don't mind if I call you that do you?

F.D. : Actually, I do mind Miss Black. You may call me Mr.Darcy.

Tempe: So, Mr. Darcy, would you think of yourself as a prideful person?

F.D. : No

Tempe:O..K.. Not very chatty huh?

F.D. : I have nothing to be "chatty" of.

Tempe: Right! Well, tell us a little bit about yourself!

F.D. : I do not share my life with complete strangers.

Tempe: I'm not really a stranger. I mean I've known you for years.

F.D. : No, you have read about me in a book, but you do not personally know me, therefore we are strangers.

Tempe: Well then , help me and my readers get to know you more by answering just a few small questions.

F.D. : Why, so you can send off stories about me through a little gossip chain?

Tempe: No, we would just love to know more about who you are!

F.D. : The only women that I care to know me ,are my sister Georgiana and my beloved wife Elizabeth. I think you have recieved enough through your readings from Miss Austen.

Tempe: Wow, you are really stubborn!

F.D. : Why, because I refuse to look any more ridiculous than I already do?

Tempe: You do not look ridiculous to anyone..many adore you!

F.D. : Exactly! Women swooning over me as if they were dogs after meat.
I find it quite silly and repulsive, actually.

Tempe: sigh

F.D. : Why do you sigh? Were you expecting me to throw in some charm? Tell you how lovely a shade of brown your eyes are, or how sweet your lips? I am who I am Miss Black, take it or leave it.

Tempe: Ugh.. You can't be a charmer and a jerk all at the same time. It's too sexy and twisted!

F.D. : As I said, I am who I am

Tempe: Yes, positively difficult  to communicate with. I guess I will have to go to Elizabeth for my answers.

F.D. : Absolutely not!

Tempe: Why?

F.D. : Elizabeth takes no interest in these silly type of affairs.
She would be less civil than I have been about your ridiculius questions.
Now, you have wasted enough of my time,  I must take my leave. Good day Miss Black. (walks off)

Tempe: Of all the...breath..

Tempe: Well, that didn't go as planned!

I hope you enjoyed my mock interview with Mr.Darcy, whom I still do adore even if he can be a jerk.  It just goes to show you..Fiction or non..No man is perfect.
If you haven't read Jane Austen's ,"Pride & Prejudice" yet, you really should. Believe me Darcy is still a hard headed jerk sometimes, but you'll learn to love him.


  1. Haha Nice. :-) Loved all the different pics of lovely Mr Darcy up there. My absolutely favorite is Matthew MacFadyen. Second is Elliot Cowan from Lost in Austen. Glad he's included!
    Anyways, fun "interview"!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Perhaps if you would have told him his behavior was ungentlemanly he would have cracked. It worked for Lizzie. :-)

  3. Wonderful interview Ms. Black, it seems like after a couple hundred years, Mr. Darcey still needs to work on his social skills.

  4. Thanks ladies! Rose,Matthew Mcfayden is my favorite as well. Lizzie, I don't know if I would have gotten through, but I may try that next time! ;c)

  5. I agree C.G.! You'd think Elizabeth would have him broken in by now.

  6. LOL Great post. You're right, no man is perfect...what would be the fun in that?

  7. Very true! My first novel in my series, which is in a final draft stage, involves five sisters which were named after P&P, but Lizzy's an Indiana State Trooper and they're in Vegas for Jane's bachelorette party. Will is a medically retired Marine, who was known as "Will the Dick" when he attended the Naval Academy. I'm having a wonderful time and flawed characters are definitely more interesting!