Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cool Interview

Sound the trumpets! Ring the bells! I had the privilege of getting an interview with author S.E. Gordon. He is a super cool guy, that I think you all should check out.

Tempe: So S.E. at what age did you begin writing?

 S.E.G. : My love of writing didn't sink in until I was a freshman in high school. A few of us traded stories back and forth--short fiction, nothing longer than a few pages. The freedom it gave us was awesome; it was hard not to write more.

Most of the stories were scribbled down by hand, but we weren't prehistoric. Computers were available then. Did all of our stories suck? Who knows? But we had a lot of fun doing it.

To answer your question, I started taking writing seriously at age 15.

Tempe: Did you ever think to yourself that you would be an author one day? 
S.E.G. : Once my mother published her first novel, The Valiant Heart, I knew I would eventually take a stab at it.

At the same time Valiant hit the stands, my friend and I were in the process of putting together an independent film. We sunk thousands of dollars into the venture, and never produced anything. It was horrible and humbling, not to mention, limiting. All those cool ideas we wanted to put on celluloid? They would have to wait until we could scrape together a "real" budget.

One day it dawned on me that I could tell the type of story that I always dreamed of without bankrupting myself. Writing a novel is inexpensive; the major cost is your time. Plus, you get to tell the story that you want (especially with the emergence of indie publishing), without having to be second-guessed by your "collaborators."

Tempe: Wow! And what was your first actual novel?

S.E.G. : I'll be finished with it in the next few weeks. It's a vampire thriller called Enura.

Tempe: Awesome! Can you tell us more about this book?

S.E.G.: Enura is a historical fantasy/horror novel set in the fictitious town of Vissorouy during the late 1700s. The story is about a half-vampire named Yakim who reluctantly tells her captor about a creature that feeds on vampires. When the enlightened are unable to purge Enura from their lands, a tactician is brought in, who also happens to be a vampire hunter. To survive, the town must make this odd pairing work, or be destroyed.

Tempe: How long have you been working on Enura?

S.E.G.:  I started work on Enura at the end of November 2010, and have been working on it off an on until now. Presently, 2/3 of the novel is finished (including editing).

Tempe: That sounds like my kind of book!
The cover is made by Phatpuppy , is this correct?

S.E.G. : The cover is the amazing art of Claudia McKinney (

Tempe: I love her cover art, it really draws you in.
What other novels are you working on?

S.E.G. :  I've got several I'm working on: Enura will be followed by Half-light, the second book in the series. I am also planning to write a novella in between called Red Wind. Song: Awakening is a novel I'm writing for my grandmother who was recently diagnosed with cancer. The Key of Neverhence is a comedic fantasy novel that's already written and just needs editing. Ok, a lot of editing. And Neverling is a YA novel that will be written after I clear the slate. Then I've also got two fun projects on the side, Yummy! The Crusty Englishman and a Harry Potter parody both written under pseudonyms.
Tempe: All of those sound like great reads. I can't wait to check them out!
You also write your stories online, would you mind sharing that link?

S.E.G.: Sure, my blog can be found at: I also have a website at:

 Tempe: Thank you S.E. , is there anything else you would like to share?

S.E.G. : I'd just like to add that we are only limited by our imaginations. Think of the life that you want for yourself, and line it up. For me, if I only write books the rest of my life that entertain and inspire others, then I know I've succeeded. The rest is trivial.

Tempe: Thank you again S.E. , you are awesome! I really appreciate you answering my questions. I'm also looking forward to reading all of your books, starting with Enura. Keep your eyes peeled everyone, cause this book sounds like a winner!


  1. I have been reading snippits of Enura for months on S.E.'s blog...I can't wait to read it in whole when you publish!!! And Yummy and Harry keep me how you can corrupt even a harmless nun!!

  2. If you're a RITEr, then lemme giveth unto thee a few worthy addendums, my just and fair liege...